Friday, July 24, 2009

Why I don't have time to blog least for now

...Because I'm busy with work and taking Anatomy & Physiology! There is little time for much else. However, I've had some incredible weekends hiking with Ben. We've been hiking along the Columbia River gorge as much as possible while the weather here is so beautiful. We've discovered a website that describes virtually all of the hikes in the Portland area, what to expect, how difficult they are, how to get there, etc. It has been our go-to for all of our hiking adventures this summer. How lucky we are to have such a great resource!
I went to a lecture/conversation at my church with the presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church a few weeks ago. She was wonderful. You can listen to her at my church's website. My priest included his favorite quotations from her talk on his blog and I think he does a pretty good job of highlighting some of her important points. His blog is here.

I'm anxious to get more involved at Grace, but also reluctant to do so, given my already jam-packed schedule. One of things I'd love to do, perhaps next summer when I'm not taking a class, is volunteer at the Art camp. It serves over 1,000 kids in Portland every summer - this year the theme is "Tales from the Ancient Near East." What fun! I would also love to get more involved in the healing ministry/Taize service, and perhaps the Labyrinth ministry. And maybe the gardening guild. You can see now why I was so attracted to this church :) Too little time...

For the next three weeks I will be stuffing as much information re: the skeletal and muscular system into my brain. Memorizing every bone, process, notch, ridge, etc. in the human body. It is fascinating but all-consuming as a condensed summer course. Thus, I am saying goodbye now for quite a while. :)